Resiliency Engineering

Engineering resilient architectures, whether they are physical or virtual, is a significant challenge. Let us show you why DevOps principles, micro-services, containerization, cloud computing, and Infrastructure as Code has us jazzed about the future of resilient digital infrastructures.

Threat Hunting

This is one of the critical missing steps in today’s digital security practices. Threat hunting is the proactive detection of an adversary on your network. Centuries of battle-hardened lessons have taught us that a successful defensive perimeter needs to have an active presence patrolling the position both internally and externally.

Network Analysis

The packets don’t lie! If you have a troubleshooting, performance, or security issue, then network traffic is the place to go for ground truth. We can assist you remotely with packet capture (PCAP) analysis, deploy hardware devices in your facilities, or configure virtual components in your cloud infrastructures.

IT/ICS Integration

As more and more reporting and visibility requirements are levied onto ICS environments, the need for secure interoperability is ever-increasing. The uniqueness of these ICS environments calls for a careful and methodical strategy, that BruteForce is ready to help you develop and implement.


Everything about IT/information systems is hard. People, processes, and technology all need to be understood and molded into a high-performing team. We know a thing or two about building complex winning teams and would love to share our lessons learned, strategies, and to collaborate with you to achieve your vision of success.

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Sharkfest '18 Talk is Live

By BruteForce on October 16, 2018

In case you missed out on attending SharkFest ‘18, the retrospective is up and the talks are available to watch in the comfort of your favorite lounge chair. Brian and I had a blast preparing for this year’s talk, “Traffic Analysis of Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Networks”, and really enjoyed the questions and interaction of the audience both during and post talk. Kick back, relax, happy packet hunting, and cheers!

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